Lar-Tek Security

Law enforcement is an entrepreneurial exercise in 2088. As such, it should come as no surprise that while several firms compete for the top-dollar contracts, many more aim to fill the “Dollar Store” niche in the for-profit law enforcement ecosystem.

Lar-Tek is one such company that is ‘prominent’ in the Chicagoland area for specializing in contracts dealing with patrolling very low profit areas, such as the burned out hellhole of Downer’s Grove, or other areas equally ravaged by the fighting in the Second Civil War.

Lar-Tek’s owner of record is Larry Larrison, who according to his bio is a retired NAC Major.

No other information on Larry Larrison is publicly available.

No review for Lar-Tek exist on popular review sites.

Lar-Tek is inactive after the Flare, however its assets were merged in Simon Security.

Lar-Tek Security

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