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  • Thomas Johna Jefferson

    Thomas Johna Jefferson was the erstwhile head of 'Black Ops' for the NAC. He had a propensity for eliminating anyone who he perceived to know more than they should, including supposed allies. "TJ2" was gunned down by his former liason 'Tabitha' in a …

  • Tabitha Red

    Highly effective wet-work operator with cybernetic enhancements. Believed to have 'graduated' to management after turning on TJ2 at Salvation City.

  • The Agent

    Little is known about the agent, other than he was devoutly religious and burned someone's face off with a roadflare during interrogation. Fortunately for said person it turned out to be a fairly complex robot in disguise.

  • Larry Larrison

    Little is known of Larry other than he was at one point in time the protege of [[:thomas-johna-jefferson | TJ2]] At some point his wife Serena's research went severely off the rails and she became a 'liability' to the NAC at which point the Larrisons' …

  • Serena Larrison

    "Allowing the mind to finally transcend the weaknesses inherent in our human form was a stroke of genius... However,confining that mind to a steel cage consigned to a diet of digital mush should not be our goal. We are surrounded by innumerable wonders, …

  • Dr. Horacio Schiller

    Schiller is/was a piece of work even by Black Operations standards. It is believed he infected the Larrisons' daughter with an unknown viral agent and then 'treated' her to keep the Larrisons' on a short leash while working on LEGION. While part of …