“One year ago today, North America came within a hairs-breadth of resuming its catastrophic civil war when parties unknown detonated a nuclear device in Downers Grove…”

#SimonSays: Not quite unknown…
#SonOfShiba: Hey look its the conspiracy nut!
#SimonSays: Sure

“What followed was a build up to mutual annihilation that was stopped at the last minute by the timely intervention of Overwatch, shortly before the chaos brought on by the Flare.”

#SimonSays: It was stopped despite the last minute intervention of ‘Overwatch’…
#SonOfShiba: Now are you going to go into how all of those reports of ‘bug men’ in Chicago ,hordes of the undead rampaging through Wichita and ‘voices in the Deep’ was also ‘a thing’ ?

“Today we celebrate those who lost their lives, and those who continue to fight the good fight against anarchy and lawlessness. Raise a drink to the soldier, the sector cop and the alderman, who all work tirelessly to protect you and your families!”

#SimonSays: I don’t bother talking about it, wasted words when the meme about the Flare was so successful that I suspect even Overwatch believes it…
#SonofShiba: If it wasn’t the Flare, what made everything go dark? What caused such a shit-show last year?
#SimonSays: I don’t know, and your ilk couldn’t help me find out.
#SonofShiba: Sure sure… I know a lady on the South Side, great shrink…
#SimonSays: Not the lady I need to contact, but thank you for your concern… Back to business, the Vori are definately onto your operation, it is only a matter of time before they hit your safehouse.
#SonofShiba: For fucks sake you might have mentioned that before the conspiracy spiel!
#SimonSays: You are also 60 days in arears to Simon Security, we will be more timely when you are. Good day.

When the Center Cannot Hold

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