Stopwatch was granted increased powers and changed its name to reflect this shortly after defusing the potential new civil war and before the Flare.

This statement was issued before the Flare:

“In light of the international community once again being unable to avert a near extinction level event with their own resources, Brazil, China, the NAC, Cascadia and most of the rest of the international community has moved to give Stopwatch even more authority to intervene in domestic affairs as they have so far, been the only body that is ready willing and able to stand between humanity and extinction. The degree of cooperation amongst the international community is surprising, given the amount of sovereign authority being relinquished.
The sudden loss of the Brazilian and Chinese peacekeeping forces in Free Chicago to a combined nuclear and bio-weapon attack as well as the aftermath of the so-called ‘Legion’ project’s destruction of Wichita, the subsequent substantial losses suffered by the NAC’s military containing this doomsday project as well as the still to be determined nature of the nano-virus that close to 75% of the world’s population now carry appear to have been the final tipping points that allowed this agreement to pass.
The new agency, now dubbed Overwatch has assured all parties that it will continue to use its power responsibly and in small measure, but given recent events, it is imperative that any and all research into artificial intelligence outside of Overwatch cease immedietely and all existent AIs be terminated.
There have also been some rumors of extending this mandate to cover any and all ‘artificial’ lifeforms, but Overwatch would neither confirm not deny this."

Of course this is just a meme skewed by the Flare, Overwatch does not have any intention of violating the rights of artificial lifeforms, but fully supports increased regulation for their own safety and security of course.

AIs are of course to be terminated, and this is no different than prior to the Flare. Any records indicating otherwise are of course mistaken.


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