Help Desk Incorporated

Also operating in the ‘budget cop’ category, Help Desk came onto the scene one year ago with an aggressive hiring campaign, and an equally aggressive campaign to muscle in on their competitors.

Although nothing has been proven (or thoroughly investigated) Help Desk has been linked to several open assaults on competing security companies as well as their customers. While not all that unusual in this competitive arena, Help Desk’s apparent willingness to resort to open gun play has even started to attract the attention of ‘legitimate’ authorities.

Help Desk has frequent job postings on Gregslist, which seems a bit odd as every Help Desk agent you’ve run into looks alike…

Help Desk’s advertisements are always ‘live action’ style, similar to Apple Sook’s popular bounty hunting show,but even more obviously staged.

One actor slated to be in an unreleased commercial, was just found shot to death in his trailer while rehearsing for a Fruity Os commercial. A promising career in the all too cutthroat breakfast cereal Biz cut short…

Help Desk is inactive after the events of the Flare.

Help Desk Incorporated

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