Document Fragments

Surveillance feeds and documents that the party uncovered in their travels:

Allowing the mind to finally transcend the weaknesses inherent in our human form was a stroke of genius… However,confining that mind to a steel cage consigned to a diet of digital mush should not be our goal. We are surrounded by innumerable wonders, too many to experience in a single lifetime, or indeed as a single life. Why choose to trade the singular nature of our current existence for yet another singular existence, exchanging one point in reality for another? Why not transcend this singular, narrow awareness and experience every point of reality in tandem?” -Dr S. Larrison.

“Larry, we know that the loss of your daughter has hit your wife particularly hard, and I suspect your heart is no longer set
on the mission either…

As your friend I am telling you to keep an eye out on Eve… She’s brilliant, but the work she is pursuing is starting to go off mission, and appears to be heading into realms even we cannot turn a blind eye to.

As your Commanding Officer I am telling you to get your head back in the game. The war is only on hold, before the lead starts flying we need LEGION

I lost my two boys in the war and I know the emptiness in your heart, but if you have anything left get your wife back on track before
we are forced to take you both out of the game."


Target Update:

Subject attempted entry into NAC facility in Wichita, Kansas. Credentials were rejected as they were ten years out of date.

Subject then successfully forced entry with what appears to be a full NAC strike team.

Subject appears to have working implementation of Project LEGION area denial system. You have been granted field clearance for overview of this system as your mission parameters have changed.

Mission Update:

Priority is to find/recover/destroy project LEGION facility. All links to NAC involvement must be eliminated. All personnel with project knowledge are to be terminated.

Found on old audio surveillance records in the Downers Grove Bunker:

" “And what do you think our ‘friend’ TJ will do when he finds out how far off mission we’ve taken his Legion project?” Said the male voice.

“What makes you think that it matters?” replied a more distant and resigned female voice. "You’ve worked with him for years,how many of your ‘wetwork’ assignments were former or current NAC assets who happened to have a bit too much ‘inconvenient’ operational knowledge?”

“Besides he has already managed to take our daughter from us, you damn well know Schiller infected her with one of his ‘research projects’. NAC’s ‘care’ of her was just leverage to keep us working on TJ’s pet dooms-day project.”

There was a pause before the male voice spoke again.

“She isnt gone completely… when the weapon is deployed, Legion’s AI is going to shard… Her shard will carry on in some form…”

More silence

The female voice returned, less distant but trembling.

“Will she remember us?”

A final pause

“My love, with what we have done, we aren’t worth remembering…”


1. Larrisons have formally been designated as ‘rogue’

- Serena redirected project assets towards ‘distributed conciousness’ research under the guise of one of the original LEGION project requirements. Subject whereabouts unknown. You can take her down whenever she decides to stop hiding… I’m sure she has reason to do something stupid and come after you after you took care of Larry.

- Larry is presumed dead after your confrontation with him in the Downer’s Grove facility following the compromise of initial LEGION AI amalgamation experiments. We are going with your presumption that his motive was to preserve his daughter’s conciousness utilizing his wife’s research and assistance. Hopefully your replacement arm is working out, I told you Larry was one of our best.

2. Premature activation of LEGION in Downer’s Grove led to immediate psych breakdown and sharding of amalgamated AI into a variation of it’s original parts. These (3?) parts have literally vanished. We know the ‘Helpdesk’ ES was to ‘glue’ the other shards together, but we do not know the nature or even number of other shards used. As far as I am concerned we can let the ‘Free’ City of Chicago deal with that problem. With luck StopWatch will piss away resources on that issue as well.

3. The cube artifact used in the AI melding process was presumed to be a relic of the ‘Spoil Sport’ AI created shortly before its destruction by StopWatch. New Intel suggests this artifact may infact still house this AI. Destruction of this relic is a top priority due to Todd’s desire to fulfill its initial programming directives (As detailed in Project Spoil Sport)

4. Schiller may have also gone off mission with unauthorized research into various humanoid bioweaponry, also under the guise of LEGION project requirements. Keep an eye on him and terminate only if necessary.

5. Project LEGION is being rebooted in the WIchita facility. Dr. Schiller is Project Lead, keeping item #4 in mind.

6. When appropriate detail a cleanup team to take care of the Downer’s Grove facility. We don’t need details of this project to emerge, and the facility self destruct mechanism is truly overkill.
(The outstanding issue is the deployment of a megaton yield strategic device instead of a sub kiloton tactical device. Accounting is investigating this ‘rounding’ error.)

Good Luck.


Document Fragments

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