Tag: dead


  • Thomas Johna Jefferson

    Thomas Johna Jefferson was the erstwhile head of 'Black Ops' for the NAC. He had a propensity for eliminating anyone who he perceived to know more than they should, including supposed allies. "TJ2" was gunned down by his former liason 'Tabitha' in a …

  • Zeb

    Zeb was one of the rare combat sims that survived the war he was created for, but never quite adjusted to 'civilian life'. Fortunately Zeb met Simon, who would need someone of his unique talents from time to time to either prevent Simon from being …

  • Georgia aka "Heaven-Scent"

    Heaven-Scent is her World of Thronecraft handle, and Sauron was her love interest. She was abducted by bug, infected, transformed into a bug and killed. They call that 'Thursday'

  • Larry Larrison

    Little is known of Larry other than he was at one point in time the protege of [[:thomas-johna-jefferson | TJ2]] At some point his wife Serena's research went severely off the rails and she became a 'liability' to the NAC at which point the Larrisons' …